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500 g / 6 to 8 servings

This traditional sweet and buttery brioche from the Rhône-Alpes region of France is made from a leavened dough and molded into the shape of a crown. It is soft and light with a unique fragrance that comes from orange blossom water and a dash of rum.

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Sugar, yeast, egg, butter, sourdough, brown rum, orange flower water, water, white wine, flour, lemon, sea salt


Gluten, egg, milk, sulphite

Story of the Pogne:

The pogne dates back to the Middle Ages (at the end of the 14th century): Originally this specialty was only made for Easter.
Eggs, the use of which was prohibited in Dauphiné during Lent, became the main preparation for the table on Easter Day. Spring being then the period of resumption of laying, the eggs became less rare at this time of the year and many Easter pastries owe the day to this natural disposition.
During the Easter period, housewives therefore added eggs to their bread dough. Like bread, pogne contains water, flour and sourdough, to which eggs, butter, sugar and the aroma: orange blossom have been added.

Around 1882 Henri Ding paid homage with a statuette to the “Société de la Pogne”, a circle of artists and men of letters from Dauphiné who met around the table to discuss art and sing the Pogne song.




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